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Chinese Youth 1000 Talents Program 4 Open Project Program of State Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China [Y4KF151CJ1] 4 Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China [20132BAB212009] 2
NSFC [11434011] 2 National Basic Research Program of China [2013CBA01504] 2 opening project of State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology (Beijing Institute of Technology) [KFJJ14-1M] 2
555 talent project of Jiangxi Province 1 AFOSR 1 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1
Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation [1508085QA08] 1 Australian Department of Education 1 Australian Research Council 1
Australian Research Council [DP120100898, DP120104676] 1 Belgian Federal Science Policy Office [P7/37] 1 CASTS at NTU [104R891003] 1
CERN 1 Carnegie Trust 1 China Scholar Council Fellowship [201408360108] 1
Chinese Academy of Sciences Knowledge Innovation Project [KJCX2-SW-N02] 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences through the "Qianren" special foreign experts program of China 1