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DFG 7 Spanish Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad 4 985 grant at Sun Yat-Sen University 3
CAS Center for Excellence in Particle Physics (CCEPP) 3 Chinese Academy of Sciences [KJCX2-EW-N01] 3 Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Hebei Province [C201400323] 3
Education Department of Hebei Province [YQ2014034] 3 NSFC [11261130311] 3 Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry 3
Thousand Talents Plan for Young Professionals 3 973 Program of China [2013CB834400] 2 Australian Research Council 2
DFG [CRC110] 2 Doctor Foundation of Hebei Normal University [L2010B04] 2 Foundation and Advanced Technology Research Program of Henan Province [132300410125] 2
Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities [16lgpy50] 2 Generalitat Valenciana [PROMETEOII/2014/0068] 2 JAE-CSIC Program 2
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, China 2 Ministry of Science and Technology of China [2009CB825200] 2