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Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy 3 Natural Science Foundation of China [11135003, 11275246, 11475238] 3 Bartol Research Institute 2
DOE [DE-FG02-13ER42020] 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China; MOST, China 2 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1
Australian Department of Education 1 Australian Research Council 1 Australian Research Council [DP120100898, DP120104676] 1
Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea - Ministry of Science [NRF-2013R1A1A1007068] 1 CUSTIPEN (China-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei) under US DOE [DE-FG02-13ER42025] 1 Carnegie Trust 1
Conselleria d''Economia Hisenda i Innovacio of the Govern de les Illes Balears 1 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India 1 DOE Award [DE-FG02-13ER42020] 1
David and Lucile Packard Foundation 1 European Commission [306819] 1 European Research Council [ERC-2012-StG: 307245] 1
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare of Italy 1 Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, China 1