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National Natural Science Foundation of China [11047022, 11204045, 31360215] 2 Research Foundation from Ministry of Education of China [2012152] 2 Guizhou Provincial Tracking Key Program of Social Development [SY20123089, SZ20113069] 1
Guizhou provincial tracking key program of social development [SY20123089, SZ20113069] 1 Natural Science Foundation of Guizhou Province [J20122166] 1 Research Foundation for Young University Teachers from Guizhou University [201311] 1
Visiting Scholar Foundation from the Key Laboratory of Biorheological Science and Technology of Ministry of Education (Chongqing University) 1 research foundation for young university teachers from Guizhou University [201311] 1 visiting scholar foundation from the key laboratory of biorheological science and technology of ministry of education (Chongqing University) 1