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t-J model on the effective brick-wall lattice for the recently discovered high-temperature superconductor Ba2CuO3+delta 期刊论文
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2020, 卷号: 101, 期号: 18, 页码: 180509
Authors:  Wang, Zhan;  Zhou, Sen;  Chen, Weiqiang;  Zhang, Fu-Chun
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Antiferromagnetic chiral spin density wave and strain-induced Chern insulator in the square lattice Hubbard model with frustration 期刊论文
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2020, 卷号: 102, 期号: 19, 页码: 195120
Authors:  Huang, Yun-Peng;  Dong, Jin-Wei;  Kotetes, Panagiotis;  Zhou, Sen
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Future Physics Programme of BESIII * 期刊论文
CHINESE PHYSICS C, 2020, 卷号: 44, 期号: 4, 页码: 40001
Authors:  Ablikim, M.;  Achasov, M. N.;  Adlarson, P.;  Ahmed, S.;  Albrecht, M.;  Alekseev, M.;  Amoroso, A.;  An, F. F.;  An, Q.;  Bai, Y.;  Bakina, O.;  Ferroli, R. Baldini;  Ban, Y.;  Begzsuren, K.;  Bennett, J., V;  Berger, N.;  Bertani, M.;  Bettoni, D.;  Bianchi, F.;  Biernat, J.;  Bloms, J.;  Boyko, I;  Briere, R. A.;  Calibbi, L.;  Cai, H.;  Cai, X.;  Calcaterra, A.;  Cao, G. F.;  Cao, N.;  Cetin, S. A.;  Chai, J.;  Chang, J. F.;  Chang, W. L.;  Charles, J.;  Chelkov, G.;  Chen;  Chen, G.;  Chen, H. S.;  Chen, J. C.;  Chen, M. L.;  Chen, S. J.;  Chen, Y. B.;  Cheng, H. Y.;  Cheng, W.;  Cibinetto, G.;  Cossio, F.;  Cui, X. F.;  Dai, H. L.;  Dai, J. P.;  Dai, X. C.;  Dbeyssi, A.;  Dedovich, D.;  Deng, Z. Y.;  Denig, A.;  Denysenko, I;  Destefanis, M.;  Descotes-Genon, S.;  De Mori, F.;  Ding, Y.;  Dong, C.;  Dong, J.;  Dong, L. Y.;  Dong, M. Y.;  Dou, Z. L.;  Du, S. X.;  Eidelman, S., I;  Fan, J. Z.;  Fang, J.;  Fang, S. S.;  Fang, Y.;  Farinelli, R.;  Fava, L.;  Feldbauer, F.;  Felici, G.;  Feng, C. Q.;  Fritsch, M.;  Fu, C. D.;  Fu, Y.;  Gao, Q.;  Gao, X. L.;  Gao, Y.;  Gao, Y. G.;  Gao, Z.;  Garillon, B.;  Garzia, I;  Gersabeck, E. M.;  Gilman, A.;  Goetzen, K.;  Gong, L.;  Gong, W. X.;  Gradl, W.;  Greco, M.;  Gu, L. M.;  Gu, M. H.;  Gu, Y. T.;  Guo, A. Q.;  GuoVII, F. K.;  Guo, L. B.;  Guo, R. P.;  Guo, Y. P.;  Guskov, A.;  Han, S.;  Hao, X. Q.;  Harris, F. A.;  He, K. L.;  Heinsius, F. H.;  Held, T.;  Heng, Y. K.;  Hou, Y. R.;  Hou, Z. L.;  Hu, H. M.;  Hu, J. F.;  Hu, T.;  Hu, Y.;  Huang, G. S.;  Huang, J. S.;  Huang, X. T.;  Huang, X. Z.;  Huang, Z. L.;  Huesken, N.;  Hussain, T.;  Andersson, W. Ikegami;  Imoehl, W.;  Irshad, M.;  Ji, Q.;  Ji, Q. P.;  Ji, X. B.;  Ji, X. L.;  Jiang, H. L.;  Jiang, X. S.;  Jiang, X. Y.;  Jiao, J. B.;  Jiao, Z.;  Jin, D. P.;  Jin, S.;  Jin, Y.;  Johansson, T.;  Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.;  Kang, X. S.;  Kappert, R.;  Kavatsyuk, M.;  Ke, B. C.;  Keshk, I. K.;  Khan, T.;  Khoukaz, A.;  Kiese, P.;  Kiuchi, R.;  Kliemt, R.;  Koch, L.;  Kolcu, O. B.;  Kopf, B.;  Kuemmel, M.;  Kuessner, M.;  Kupsc, A.;  Kurth, M.;  Kurth, M. G.;  Khn, W.;  Lange, J. S.;  Larin, P.;  Lavezzi, L.;  Leithoff, H.;  Lenz, T.;  Li, C.;  Li, Cheng;  Li, D. M.;  Li, F.;  Li, F. Y.;  Li, G.;  Li, H. B.;  Li, H. J.;  Li, J. C.;  Li, J. W.;  Li, Ke;  Li, L. K.;  Li, Lei;  Li, P. L.;  Li, P. R.;  Li, Q. Y.;  Li, W. D.;  Li, W. G.;  Li, X. H.;  Li, X. L.;  Li, X. N.;  Li, X. Q.;  Li, Z. B.;  Liang, H.;  Liang, Y. F.;  Liang, Y. T.;  Liao, G. R.;  Liao, L. Z.;  Libby, J.;  Lin, C. X.;  Lin, D. X.;  Lin, Y. J.;  Liu, B.;  Liu, B. J.;  Liu, C. X.;  Liu, D.;  Liu, D. Y.;  Liu, F. H.;  Liu, Fang;  Liu, Feng;  Liu, H. B.;  Liu, H. M.;  Liu, Huanhuan;  Liu, Huihui;  Liu, J. B.;  Liu, J. Y.;  Liu, K. Y.;  Liu, Ke;  Liu, Q.;  Liu, S. B.;  Liu, T.;  Liu, X.;  Liu, X. Y.;  Liu, Y. B.;  Liu, Z. A.;  Liu, Zhiqing;  Long, Y. F.;  Lou, X. C.;  Lu, H. J.;  Lu, J. D.;  Lu, J. G.;  Lu, Y.;  Lu, Y. P.;  Luo, C. L.;  Luo, M. X.;  Luo, P. W.;  Luo, T.;  Luo, X. L.;  Lusso, S.;  Lyu, X. R.;  Ma, F. C.;  Ma, H. L.;  Lyu, L. L.;  Ma, M. M.;  Ma, Q. M.;  Luo, X. N.;  Ma, X. X.;  Ma, X. Y.;  Ma, Y. M.;  Maas, F. E.;  Maggiora, M.;  Maldaner, S.;  Malde, S.;  Malik, Q. A.;  Mangoni, A.;  Mao, Y. J.;  Mao, Z. P.;  Marcello, S.;  Meng, Z. X.;  Messchendorp, J. G.;  Mezzadri, G.;  Min, J.;  Min, T. J.;  Mitchell, R. E.;  Mo, X. H.;  Mo, Y. J.;  Morales, C. Morales;  Muchnoi, N. Yu;  Muramatsu, H.;  Mustafa, A.;  Nakhoul, S.;  Nefedov, Y.;  Nerling, F.;  Nikolaev, I. B.;  Ning, Z.;  Nisar, S.;  Niu, S. L.;  Olsen, S. L.;  Ouyang, Q.;  Pacetti, S.;  Pan, Y.;  Papenbrock, M.;  Patteri, P.;  Pelizaeus, M.;  Peng, H. P.;  Peters, K.;  Petrov, A. A.;  Pettersson, J.;  Ping, J. L.;  Ping, R. G.;  Pitka, A.;  Poling, R.;  Prasad, V;  Qi, M.;  Qi, T. Y.;  Qian, S.;  Qiao, C. F.;  Qin, N.;  Qin, X. P.;  Qin, X. S.;  Qin, Z. H.;  Qiu, J. F.;  Qu, S. Q.;  Rashid, K. H.;  Redmer, C. F.;  Richter, M.;  Ripka, M.;  Rivetti, A.;  Rodin, V;  Rolo, M.;  Rong, G.;  Rosner, J. L.;  Rosner, Ch;  Rump, M.;  Sarantsev, A.;  Savrie, M.;  Schoenning, K.;  Shan, W.;  Shan, X. Y.;  Shao, M.;  Shen, C. P.;  Shen, P. X.;  Shen, X. Y.;  Sheng, H. Y.;  Shi, X.;  Shi, X. D.;  Song, J. J.;  Song, Q. Q.;  Song, X. Y.;  Sosio, S.;  Sowa, C.;  Spataro, S.;  Sui, F. F.;  Sun, G. X.;  Sun, J. F.;  Sun, L.;  Sun, S. S.;  Sun, X. H.;  Sun, Y. J.;  Sun, Y. K.;  Sun, Y. Z.;  Sun, Z. J.;  Sun, Z. T.;  Tan, Y. T.;  Tang, C. J.;  Tang, G. Y.;  Tang, X.;  Thoren, V;  Tsednee, B.;  Uman, I;  Wang, B.;  Wang, B. L.;  Wang, C. W.;  Wang, D. Y.;  Wang, H. H.;  Wang, K.;  Wang, L. L.;  Wang, L. S.;  Wang, M.;  Wang, M. Z.;  Meng, Wang;  Wang, P. L.;  Wang, R. M.;  Wang, W. P.;  Wang, X.;  Wang, X. F.;  Wang, X. L.;  Wang, Y.;  Wang, Y. F.;  Wang, Z.;  Wang, Z. G.;  Wang, Z. Y.;  Wang, Zongyuan;  Weber, T.;  Wei, D. H.;  Weidenkaff, P.;  Wen, H. W.;  Wen, S. P.;  Wiedner, U.;  Wilkinson, G.;  Wolke, M.;  Wu, L. H.;  Wu, L. J.;  Wu, Z.;  Xia, L.;  Xia, Y.;  Xiao, S. Y.;  Xiao, Y. J.;  Xiao, Z. J.;  Xie, Y. G.;  Xie, Y. H.;  Xing, T. Y.;  Xiong, X. A.;  Xiu, Q. L.;  Xu, G. F.;  Xu, L.;  Xu, Q. J.;  Xu, W.;  Xu, X. P.;  Yan, F.;  Yan, L.;  Yan, W. B.;  Yan, W. C.;  Yan, Y. H.;  Yang, H. J.;  Yang, H. X.;  Yang, L.;  Yang, R. X.;  Yang, S. L.;  Yang, Y. H.;  Yang, Y. X.;  Yang, Yifan;  Yang, Z. Q.;  Ye, M.;  Ye, M. H.;  Yin, J. H.;  You, Z. Y.;  Yu, B. X.;  Yu, C. X.;  Yu, J. S.;  Yuan, C. Z.;  Yuan, X. Q.;  Yuan, Y.;  Yuncu, A.;  Zafar, A. A.;  Zeng, Y.;  Zhang, B. X.;  Zhang, B. Y.;  Zhang, C. C.;  Zhang, D. H.;  Zhang, H. H.;  Zhang, H. Y.;  Zhang, J.;  Zhang, J. L.;  Zhang, J. Q.;  Zhang, J. W.;  Zhang, J. Y.;  Zhang, J. Z.;  Zhang, K.;  Zhang, L.;  Zhang, S. F.;  Zhang, T. J.;  Zhang, X. Y.;  Zhang, Y.;  Zhang, Y. H.;  Zhang, Y. T.;  Zhang, Yang;  Zhang, Yao;  Zhang, Yi;  Zhang, Yu;  Zhang, Z. H.;  Zhang, Z. P.;  Zhang, Z. Q.;  Zhang, Z. Y.;  Zhao, G.;  Zhao, J. W.;  Zhao, J. Y.;  Zhao, J. Z.;  Zhao, Lei;  Zhao, Ling;  Zhao, M. G.;  Zhao, Q.;  Zhao, S. J.;  Zhao, T. C.;  Zhao, Y. B.;  Zhao, Z. G.;  Zhemchugov, A.;  Zheng, B.;  Zheng, J. P.;  Zheng, Y.;  Zheng, Y. H.;  Zhong, B.;  Zhou, L.;  Zhou, L. P.;  Zhou, Q.;  Zhou, X.;  Zhou, X. K.;  Zhou, X. R.;  Zhou, Xingyu;  Zhou, Xiaoyu;  Zhou, Xu;  Zhu, A. N.;  Zhu, J.;  Zhu, K.;  Zhu, K. J.;  Zhu, S. H.;  Zhu, W. J.;  Zhu, X. L.;  Zhu, Y. C.;  Zhu, Y. S.;  Zhu, Z. A.;  Zhuang, J.;  Zou, B. S.;  Zou, J. H.
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Multiscale computational prediction of beta-sheet peptide self-assembly morphology 期刊论文
Authors:  Deng, Li;  Wang, Yanting
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The wavefunction reconstruction effects in calculation of DM-induced electronic transition in semiconductor targets 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, 2019, 期号: 1, 页码: 149
Authors:  Liang, ZL;  Zhang, L;  Zhang, P;  Zheng, FW
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Generalized spin-orbit torques in two-dimensional ferromagnets with spin-orbit coupling 期刊论文
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 2019, 卷号: 92, 期号: 6, 页码: 136
Authors:  Yang, C;  Wang, ZC;  Zheng, QR;  Su, G
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Strong mechanical squeezing in an unresolved-sideband optomechanical system 期刊论文
PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 2019, 卷号: 99, 期号: 4, 页码: 43805
Authors:  Zhang, R;  Fang, YN;  Wang, YY;  Chesi, S;  Wang, YD
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FCC-ee: The Lepton Collider: Future Circular Collider Conceptual Design Report Volume 2 期刊论文
Authors:  Abada, A;  Abbrescia, M;  AbdusSalam, SS;  Abdyukhanov, I;  Fernandez, JA;  Abramov, A;  Aburaia, M;  Acar, AO;  Adzic, PR;  Agrawal, P;  Aguilar-Saavedra, JA;  Aguilera-Verdugo, JJ;  Aiba, M;  Aichinger, I;  Aielli, G;  Akay, A;  Akhundov, A;  Aksakal, H;  Albacete, JL;  Albergo, S;  Alekou, A;  Aleksa, M;  Aleksan, R;  Fernandez, RMA;  Alexahin, Y;  Alia, RG;  Alioli, S;  Tehrani, NA;  Allanach, BC;  Allport, PP;  Altinli, M;  Altmannshofer, W;  Ambrosio, G;  Amorim, D;  Amstutz, O;  Anderlini, L;  Andreazza, A;  Andreini, M;  Andriatis, A;  Andris, C;  Andronic, A;  Angelucci, M;  Antinori, F;  Antipov, SA;  Antonelli, M;  Antonello, M;  Antonioli, P;  Antusch, S;  Anulli, F;  Apolinario, L;  Apollinari, G;  Apollonio, A;  Appelo, D;  Appleby, RB;  Apyan, A;  Apyan, A;  Arbey, A;  Arbuzov, A;  Arduini, G;  Ari, V;  Arias, S;  Armesto, N;  Arnaldi, R;  Arsenyev, SA;  Arzeo, M;  Asai, S;  Aslanides, E;  Assmann, RW;  Astapovych, D;  Atanasov, M;  Atieh, S;  Attie, D;  Auchmann, B;  Audurier, A;  Aull, S;  Aumon, S;  Aune, S;  Avino, F;  Avrillaud, G;  Aydin, G;  Azatov, A;  Azuelos, G;  Azzi, P;  Azzolini, O;  Azzurri, P;  Bacchetta, N;  Bacchiocchi, E;  Bachacou, H;  Baek, YW;  Baglin, V;  Bai, Y;  Baird, S;  Baker, MJ;  Baldwin, MJ;  Ball, AH;  Ballarino, A;  Banerjee, S;  Barber, DP;  Barducci, D;  Barjhoux, P;  Barna, D;  Barnafoldi, GG;  Barnes, MJ;  Barr, A;  Garcia, JB;  da Costa, JBG;  Bartmann, W;  Baryshevsky, V;  Barzi, E;  Bass, SA;  Bastianin, A;  Baudouy, B;  Bauer, F;  Bauer, M;  Baumgartner, T;  Bautista-Guzman, I;  Bayindir, C;  Beaudette, F;  Bedeschi, F;  Beguin, M;  Bellafont, I;  Bellagamba, L;  Bellegarde, N;  Belli, E;  Bellingeri, E;  Bellini, F;  Bellomo, G;  Belomestnykh, S;  Bencivenni, G;  Benedikt, M;  Bernardi, G;  Bernardi, J;  Bernet, C;  Bernhardt, JM;  Bernini, C;  Berriaud, C;  Bertarelli, A;  Bertolucci, S;  Besana, MI;  Besancon, M;  Beznosov, O;  Bhat, P;  Bhat, C;  Biagini, ME;  Biarrotte, JL;  Chevalier, AB;  Bielert, ER;  Biglietti, M;  Bilei, GM;  Bilki, B;  Biscari, C;  Bishara, F;  Blanco-Garcia, OR;  Blanquez, FR;  Blekman, F;  Blondel, A;  Blumlein, J;  Boccali, T;  Boels, R;  Bogacz, SA;  Bogomyagkov, A;  Boine-Frankenheim, O;  Boland, MJ;  Bologna, S;  Bolukbasi, O;  Bomben, M;  Bondarenko, S;  Bonvini, M;  Boos, E;  Bordini, B;  Bordry, F;  Borghello, G;  Borgonovi, L;  Borowka, S;  Bortoletto, D;  Boscherini, D;  Boscolo, M;  Boselli, S;  Bosley, RR;  Bossu, F;  Botta, C;  Bottura, L;  Boughezal, R;  Boutin, D;  Bovone, G;  Jelisavic, IB;  Bozbey, A;  Bozzi, C;  Bozzini, D;  Braccini, V;  Braibant-Giacomelli, S;  Bramante, J;  Braun-Munzinger, P;  Briffa, JA;  Britzger, D;  Brodsky, SJ;  Brooke, JJ;  Bruce, R;  De Renstrom, PB;  Bruna, E;  Bruning, O;  Brunner, O;  Brunner, K;  Bruzzone, P;  Buffat, X;  Bulyak, E;  Burkart, F;  Burkhardt, H;  Burnet, JP;  Butin, F;  Buttazzo, D;  Butterworth, A;  Caccia, M;  Cai, Y;  Caiffi, B;  Cairo, V;  Cakir, O;  Calaga, R;  Calatroni, S;  Calderini, G;  Calderola, G;  Caliskan, A;  Calvet, D;  Calviani, M;  Camalich, JM;  Camarri, P;  Campanelli, M;  Camporesi, T;  Canbay, AC;  Canepa, A;  Cantergiani, E;  Cantore-Cavalli, D;  Capeans, M;  Cardarelli, R;  Cardella, U;  Cardini, A;  Calame, CMC;  Carra, F;  Carra, S;  Carvalho, A;  Casalbuoni, S;  Casas, J;  Cascella, M;  Castelnovo, P;  Castorina, G;  Catalano, G;  Cavasinni, V;  Cazzato, E;  Cennini, E;  Cerri, A;  Cerutti, F;  Cervantes, J;  Chaikovska, I;  Chakrabortty, J;  Chala, M;  Chamizo-Llatas, M;  Chanal, H;  Chanal, D;  Chance, S;  Chance, A;  Charitos, P;  Charles, J;  Charles, TK;  Chattopadhyay, S;  Chehab, R;  Chekanov, SV;  Chen, N;  Chernoded, A;  Chetvertkova, V;  Chevalier, L;  Chiarelli, G;  Chiarello, G;  Chiesa, M;  Chiggiato, P;  Childers, JT;  Chmielinska, A;  Cholakian, A;  Chomaz, P;  Chorowski, M;  Chou, W;  Chrzaszcz, M;  Chyhyrynets, E;  Cibinetto, G;  Ciftci, AK;  Ciftci, R;  Cimino, R;  Ciuchini, M;  Clark, PJ;  Coadou, Y;  Cobal, M;  Coccaro, A;  Cogan, J;  Cogneras, E;  Collamati, F;  Colldelram, C;  Collier, P;  Collot, J;  Contino, R;  Conventi, F;  Cook, CTA;  Cooley, L;  Corcella, G;  Cornell, AS;  Corral, GH;  Correia-Rodrigues, H;  Costanza, F;  Pinto, PC;  Couderc, F;  Coupard, J;  Craig, N;  Garrido, IC;  Crivellin, A;  Croteau, JF;  Crouch, M;  Alaniz, EC;  Cure, B;  Curti, J;  Curtin, D;  Czech, M;  Dachauer, C;  D'Agnolo, RT;  Daibo, M;  Dainese, A;  Dalena, B;  Daljevec, A;  Dallapiazza, W;  Schwartzentruber, LD;  Dam, M;  D'Ambrosio, G;  Das, SP;  DasBakshi, S;  da Silva, W;  da Silveira, GG;  D'Auria, V;  D'Auria, S;  David, A;  Davidek, T;  Deandrea, A;  de Blas, J;  Debono, CJ;  De Curtis, S;  De Filippis, N;  de Florian, D;  Deghaye, S;  de Jong, SJ;  Del Bo, C;  Del Duca, V;  Delikaris, D;  Deliot, F;  Dell'Acqua, A;  Delle Rose, L;  Delmastro, M;  De Lucia, E;  Demarteau, M;  Denegri, D;  Deniau, L;  Denisov, D;  Denizli, H;  Denner, A;  d'Enterria, D;  de Rijk, G;  De Roeck, A;  Derue, F;  Deschamps, O;  Descotes-Genon, S;  Dev, PSB;  de Regie, JBD;  Dewanjee, RK;  Di Ciaccio, A;  Di Cicco, A;  Dillon, BM;  Di Micco, B;  Di Nezza, P;  Di Vita, S;  Doblhammer, A;  Dominjon, A;  D'Onofrio, M;  Dordei, F;  Drago, A;  Draper, P;  Drasal, Z;  Drewes, M;  Duarte, L;  Dubovyk, I;  Duda, P;  Dudarev, A;  Dudko, L;  Duellmann, D;  Dunser, M;  du Pree, T;  Durante, M;  Yildiz, HD;  Dutta, S;  Duval, F;  Duval, JM;  Dydyshka, Y;  Dziewit, B;  Eisenhardt, S;  Eisterer, M;  Ekelof, T;  El Khechen, D;  Ellis, SA;  Ellis, J;  Ellison, JA;  Elsener, K;  Elsing, M;  Enari, Y;  Englert, C;  Eriksson, H;  Eskola, KJ;  Esposito, LS;  Etisken, O;  Etzion, E;  Fabbricatore, P;  Falkowski, A;  Falou, A;  Faltova, J;  Fan, J;  Fano, L;  Farilla, A;  Farinelli, R;  Farinon, S;  Faroughy, DA;  Fartoukh, SD;  Faus-Golfe, A;  Fawcett, WJ;  Felici, G;  Felsberger, L;  Ferdeghini, C;  Navarro, AMF;  Fernandez-Tellez, A;  Troitino, JF;  Ferrara, G;  Ferrari, R;  Ferreira, L;  da Silva, PF;  Ferrera, G;  Ferro, F;  Fiascaris, M;  Fiorendi, S;  Fiorio, C;  Fischer, O;  Fischer, E;  Flieger, W;  Florio, M;  Fonnesu, D;  Fontanesi, E;  Foppiani, N;  Foraz, K;  Forkel-Wirth, D;  Forte, S;  Fouaidy, M;  Fournier, D;  Fowler, T;  Fox, J;  Francavilla, P;  Franceschini, R;  Franchino, S;  Franco, E;  Freitas, A;  Fuks, B;  Furukawa, K;  Furuseth, SV;  Gabrielli, E;  Gaddi, A;  Galanti, M;  Gallo, E;  Ganjour, S;  Gao, J;  Gao, J;  Diaz, VG;  Perez, MG;  Tabares, LG;  Garion, C;  Garzelli, MV;  Garzia, I;  Gascon-Shotkin, SM;  Gaudio, G;  Gay, P;  Ge, SF;  Gehrmann, T;  Genest, MH;  Gerard, R;  Gerigk, F;  Gerwig, H;  Giacomelli, P;  Giagu, S;  Gianfelice-Wendt, E;  Gianotti, F;  Giffoni, F;  Gilardoni, SS;  Costa, MG;  Giovannetti, M;  Giovannozzi, M;  Giubellino, P;  Giudice, GF;  Giunta, A;  Gladilin, LK;  Glukhov, S;  Gluza, J;  Gobbi, G;  Goddard, B;  Goertz, F;  Golling, T;  Goncalves, VP;  Netto, DG;  Goncalo, R;  Gomez, LAG;  Zadeh, SG;  Gorine, G;  Gorini, E;  Gourlay, SA;  Gouskos, L;  Grancagnolo, F;  Grassellino, A;  Grau, A;  Graverini, E;  Gray, HM;  Greco, M;  Greco, M;  Grenard, JL;  Grimm, O;  Grojean, C;  Gromov, VA;  Grosse-Oetringhaus, JF;  Grudiev, A;  Grzanka, K;  Gu, J;  Guadagnoli, D;  Guidi, V;  Guiducci, S;  Canton, GG;  Gunaydin, YO;  Gupta, R;  Gupta, RS;  Gutierrez, J;  Gutleber, J;  Guyot, C;  Guzey, V;  Gwenlan, C;  Haberstroh, C;  Hacisahinoglu, B;  Haerer, B;  Hahn, K;  Hahn, T;  Hammad, A;  Han, C;  Hance, M;  Hannah, A;  Harris, PC;  Hati, C;  Haug, S;  Hauptman, J;  Haurylavets, V;  He, HJ;  Hegglin, A;  Hegner, B;  Heinemann, K;  Heinemeyer, S;  Helsens, C;  Henriques, A;  Henriques, A;  Hernandez, P;  Hernandez-Pinto, RJ;  Hernandez-Sanchez, J;  Herzig, T;  Hiekkanen, I;  Hillert, W;  Hoehn, T;  Hofer, M;  Hofle, W;  Holdener, F;  Holleis, S;  Holzer, B;  Hong, DK;  Honorato, CG;  Hopkins, SC;  Hrdinka, J;  Hug, F;  Humann, B;  Humer, H;  Hurth, T;  Hutton, A;  Iacobucci, G;  Ibarrola, N;  Iconomidou-Fayard, L;  Ilyina-Brunner, K;  Incandela, J;  Infantino, A;  Ippolito, V;  Ishino, M;  Islam, R;  Ita, H;  Ivanovs, A;  Iwamoto, S;  Iyer, A;  Bermudez, SI;  Jadach, S;  Jamin, DO;  Janot, P;  Jarry, P;  Jeff, A;  Jenny, P;  Jensen, E;  Jensen, M;  Jiang, X;  Jimenez, JM;  Jones, MA;  Jones, OR;  Jowett, JM;  Jung, S;  Kaabi, W;  Kado, M;  Kahle, K;  Kalinovskaya, L;  Kalinowski, J;  Kamenik, JF;  Kannike, K;  Kara, SO;  Karadeniz, H;  Karaventzas, V;  Karpov, I;  Kartal, S;  Karyukhin, A;  Kashikhin, V;  Behr, JK;  Kaya, U;  Keintzel, J;  Keinz, PA;  Keppel, K;  Kersevan, R;  Kershaw, K;  Khanpour, H;  Khatibi, S;  Yanehsari, MK;  Khoze, VV;  Kieseler, J;  Kilic, A;  Kilpinen, A;  Kim, YK;  Kim, DW;  Klein, U;  Klein, M;  Kling, F;  Klinkenberg, N;  Kloppel, S;  Klute, M;  Klyukhin, VI;  Knecht, M;  Kniehl, B;  Kocak, F;  Koeberl, C;  Kolano, AM;  Kollegger, A;  Kolodziej, K;  Kolomiets, AA;  Komppula, J;  Koop, I;  Koppenburg, P;  Koratzinos, M;  Kordiaczynska, M;  Korjik, M;  Kortner, O;  Kostka, P;  Kotlarski, W;  Kotnig, C;  Kottig, T;  Kotwal, AV;  Kovalenko, AD;  Kowalski, S;  Kozaczuk, J;  Kozlov, GA;  Kozub, SS;  Krainer, AM;  Kramer, T;  Kramer, M;  Krammer, M;  Krasnov, AA;  Krauss, F;  Kravalis, K;  Kretzschmar, L;  Kriske, RM;  Kritscher, H;  Krkotic, P;  Kroha, H;  Kucharczyk, M;  Kuday, S;  Kuendig, A;  Kuhlmann, G;  Kulesza, A;  Kumar, M;  Kumar, M;  Kusina, A;  Kuttimalai, S;  Kuze, M;  Kwon, T;  Lackner, F;  Lackner, M;  La Francesca, E;  Laine, M;  Lamanna, G;  La Mendola, S;  Lancon, E;  Landsberg, G;  Langacker, P;  Lange, C;  Langner, A;  Lankford, AJ;  Lansberg, JP;  Lari, T;  Laycock, PJ;  Lebrun, P;  Lechner, A;  Lee, K;  Lee, S;  Lee, R;  Lefevre, T;  Le Guen, P;  Lehtinen, T;  Leith, SB;  Lenzi, P;  Leogrande, E;  Leonidopoulos, C;  Leon-Monzon, I;  Lerner, G;  Leroy, O;  Lesiak, T;  Levai, P;  Leveratto, A;  Levichev, E;  Li, G;  Li, S;  Li, R;  Liberati, D;  Liepe, M;  Lissauer, DA;  Liu, Z;  Lobko, A;  Locci, E;  Agaliotis, EL;  Lombardo, MP;  Long, AJ;  Lorin, C;  Losito, R;  Louzguiti, A;  Low, I;  Lucchesi, D;  Lucchini, MT;  Luciani, A;  Lueckhof, M;  Lunt, AJG;  Luzum, M;  Lyubimtsev, DA;  Maggiora, M;  Magnin, N;  Mahmoud, MA;  Mahmoudi, F;  Maitre, J;  Makarenko, V;  Malagoli, A;  Malcles, J;  Malgeri, L;  Mallon, PJ;  Maltoni, F;  Malvezzi, S;  Malyshev, OB;  Mancinelli, G;  Mandrik, P;  Manfrinetti, P;  Mangano, M;  Manil, P;  Mannelli, M;  Marchiori, G;  Marhauser, F;  Mariani, V;  Marinozzi, V;  Mariotto, S;  Marquard, P;  Marquet, C;  Marriott-Dodington, T;  Martin, R;  Martin, O;  Camalich, JM;  Martinez, T;  Bruzual, HM;  Martinez-Hernandez, MI;  Martins, DE;  Marzani, S;  Marzocca, D;  Marzola, L;  Masciocchi, S;  Masina, I;  Massimiliano, A;  Massironi, A;  Masubuchi, T;  Matveev, VA;  Mazzoni, MA;  McCullough, M;  McIntosh, PA;  Meade, P;  Medina, L;  Meier, A;  Meignan, J;  Mele, B;  Saraiva, JGM;  Menez, F;  Mentink, M;  Meoni, E;  Meridiani, P;  Merk, M;  Mermod, P;  Mertens, V;  Mether, L;  Metral, E;  Migliorati, M;  Milanese, A;  Milardi, C;  Milhano, G;  Militsyn, BL;  Millet, F;  Minashvili, I;  Minervini, JV;  Miralles, LS;  Mirarchi, D;  Mishima, S;  Missiaen, DP;  Mitselmakher, G;  Mitsuhashi, T;  Mnich, J;  Najafabadi, MM;  Mohapatra, RN;  Mokhov, N;  Molson, JG;  Monge, R;  Montag, C;  Montagna, G;  Monteil, S;  Montenero, G;  Montesinos, E;  Moortgat, F;  Morange, N;  Morello, G;  Llacer, MM;  Moretti, M;  Moretti, S;  Morley, AK;  Moros, A;  Morozov, I;  Morretta, V;  Morrone, M;  Mostacci, A;  Muanza, S;  Muchnoi, N;  Muhlegger, M;  Mulder, M;  Mulders, M;  Muller, B;  Muller, F;  Muller, A-S;  Munilla, J;  Murray, MJ;  Muttoni, Y;  Myers, S;  Mylona, M;  Nachtman, J;  Nakamoto, T;  Nardecchia, M;  Nardini, G;  Nason, P;  Nergiz, Z;  Nesterenko, AV;  Nettstrater, A;  Neubuser, C;  Neundorf, J;  Niccoli, F;  Nicrosini, O;  Nie, Y;  Niedermayer, U;  Niedziela, J;  Niemi, A;  Nikitin, SA;  Nisati, A;  No, JM;  Nonis, M;  Nosochkov, Y;  Novak, M;  Novokhatski, A;  O'Callaghan, JM;  Ochando, C;  Ogur, S;  Ohmi, K;  Oide, K;  Okorokov, VA;  Okumura, Y;  Oleari, C;  Olness, FI;  Onel, Y;  Ortino, M;  Osborne, J;  Osland, P;  Otto, T;  Oyulmaz, KY;  Ozansoy, A;  Ozcan, V;  Ozdemir, K;  Pagliarone, CE;  da Silva, HFP;  Palmieri, E;  Palumbo, L;  Pampaloni, A;  Pan, R-Q;  Panareo, M;  Panella, O;  Panico, G;  Panizzo, G;  Pankov, AA;  Pantsyrny, V;  Papadopoulos, CG;  Papaefstathiou, A;  Papaphilippou, Y;  Parker, MA;  Parma, V;  Pasquali, M;  Patra, SK;  Patterson, R;  Paukkunen, H;  Pauss, F;  Peggs, S;  Penttinen, JP;  Peon, G;  Perepelkin, EE;  Perez, E;  Perez, JC;  Perez, G;  Perez, F;  Codina, EP;  Morales, JP;  Perfilov, M;  Pernegger, H;  Peruzzi, M;  Pes, C;  Peters, K;  Petracca, S;  Petriello, F;  Pezzotti, L;  Pfeiffer, S;  Piccinini, F;  Pieloni, T;  Pierini, M;  Pikhartova, H;  Pikurs, G;  Pilicer, E;  Piminov, P;  Pira, C;  Pittau, R;  Placzek, W;  Plagge, M;  Plehn, T;  Pleier, MA;  Ploskon, M;  Podeur, M;  Podlech, H;  Podzorny, T;  Poggioli, L;  Poiron, A;  Polesello, G;  Lener, MP;  Polini, A;  Polinski, J;  Polozov, SM;  Ponce, L;  Pont, M;  Pontecorvo, L;  Portaluri, T;  Potamianos, K;  Prasse, C;  Prausa, M;  Preinerstorfer, A;  Premat, E;  Price, T;  Primavera, M;  Prino, F;  Prioli, M;  Proudfoot, J;  Provino, A;  Pugnat, T;  Pukhaeva, N;  Pulawski, S;  Pulikowski, D;  Punzi, G;  Putti, M;  Pyarelal, A;  Quack, H;  Quispe, M;  Racioppi, A;  Rafique, H;  Raginel, V;  Raidal, M;  Ramirez-Uribe, NS;  Ramsey-Musolf, MJ;  Rata, R;  Ratoff, P;  Ravotti, F;  Teles, PR;  Reboud, M;  Redaelli, S;  Renner, E;  Renteria-Olivo, AE;  Rescigno, M;  Reuter, J;  Ribon, A;  Ricci, AM;  Riegler, W;  Riemann, S;  Riemann, B;  Riemann, T;  Rifflet, JM;  Rimmer, RA;  Rinaldesi, R;  Rinolfi, L;  Rubiras, OR;  Risselada, T;  Rivetti, A;  Rivkin, L;  Rizzo, T;  Robens, T;  Robert, F;  Robson, AJ;  Rochepault, E;  Roda, C;  Rodrigo, G;  Rodriguez-Cahuantzi, M;  Rogan, C;  Roig, M;  Rojas-Torres, S;  Rojo, J;  Rolandi, G;  Rolando, G;  Roloff, P;  Romanenko, A;  Romanov, A;  Roncarolo, F;  Sanchez, AR;  Rosaz, G;  Rossi, L;  Rossi, A;  Rossmanith, R;  Rousset, B;  Royon, C;  Ruan, X;  Ruehl, I;  Ruhlmann-Kleider, V;  Ruiz, R;  Rumyantsev, L;  Ruprecht, R;  Ryazanov, AI;  Saba, A;  Sadykov, R;  de Jauregui, DS;  Sahin, M;  Sailer, B;  Saito, M;  Sala, F;  Salam, GP;  Salfeld-Nebgen, J;  Salgado, CA;  Salini, S;  Sallese, JM;  Salmi, T;  Salzburger, A;  Sampayo, OA;  Sanfilippo, S;  Santiago, J;  Santopinto, E;  Santoro, R;  Sanz Ull, A;  Sarasola, X;  Sarpun, IH;  Sauvain, M;  Savelyeva, S;  Sawada, R;  Sborlini, GFR;  Schaffer, A;  Schaumann, M;  Schenk, M;  Scheuerlein, C;  Schienbein, I;  Schlenga, K;  Schmickler, H;  Schmidt, R;  Schoerling, D;  Schoerner-Sadenius, T;  Schoning, A;  Schott, M;  Schulte, D;  Schwaller, P;  Schwanenberger, C;  Schwemling, P;  Schwerg, N;  Scibile, L;  Sciuto, A;  Scomparin, E;  Sebastiani, C;  Seeber, B;  Segreti, M;  Selva, P;  Selvaggi, M;  Senatore, C;  Senol, A;  Serin, L;  Serluca, M;  Serra, N;  Seryi, A;  Sestini, L;  Sfyrla, A;  Shaposhnikov, M;  Shaposhnikova, E;  Sharkov, BY;  Shatilov, D;  Shelton, J;  Shiltsev, V;  Shipsey, IP;  Shirkov, GD;  Shivaji, A;  Shwartz, D;  Sian, T;  Sidorov, S;  Silvestrini, L;  Simand, N;  Simon, F;  Singh, BK;  Siodmok, A;  Sirois, Y;  Sirtori, E;  Sirvinskaite, R;  Sitar, B;  Sjostrand, T;  Skands, P;  Skordis, E;  Skovpen, K;  Skrzypek, M;  Slade, E;  Slavich, P;  Slovak, R;  Smaluk, V;  Smirnov, V;  Snoeys, W;  Soffi, L;  Sollander, P;  Solovyanov, O;  Soltveit, HK;  Song, H;  Sopicki, P;  Sorbi, M;  Spallino, L;  Spannowsky, M;  Spataro, B;  Sphicas, P;  Spiesberger, H;  Spiller, P;  Spira, M;  Srivastava, T;  Stachel, J;  Stakia, A;  Stanyard, JL;  Starchenko, E;  Starikov, AY;  Stasto, AM;  Statera, M;  Steerenberg, R;  Steggemann, J;  Stenvall, A;  Stivanello, F;  Stockinger, D;  Stoel, LS;  Stoger-Pollach, M;  Strauss, B;  Stuart, M;  Stupakov, G;  Su, S;  Sublet, A;  Sugita, K;  Sulak, 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Percolation Phase Transition from Ionic Liquids to Ionic Liquid Crystals 期刊论文
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 2019, 卷号: 9, 页码: 13169
Authors:  Li, Shen;  Wang, Yanting
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Phase Behaviors of Ionic Liquids Heating from Different Crystal Polymorphs toward the Same Smectic-A Ionic Liquid Crystal by Molecular Dynamics Simulation 期刊论文
CRYSTALS, 2019, 卷号: 9, 期号: 1, 页码: 26
Authors:  Cao, WD;  Wang, YT
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